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The Oasis is one of those rare hotels that is unique in design with architecture that compliments its surroundings. Made from coral stone excavated from footings of neighbouring resorts you could say the hotel is recycled!

The hotel is not walled meaning there is a feeling of space and great views of the ocean and desert alike. It has a very quiet and peaceful ambience suiting those looking to unind and relax.

It consists of 49 chalets arranged around the main building in the form of a Bedouin village with small alleyways and winding steps.


Eastern Desert

Guests of "The Oasis" shouldn’t miss taking advantage of the opportunities offered to experience the fascination of the surrounding Eastern Desert!

The "Eastern Dessert" has been a silent witness to various cultures for thousands of years. The Romans, Ptolemy dynasty and the ancient Egyptians have all left their mark..

The desert is the ideal place for viewing the stars with light polution not a problem here. Wadi El Gemal is the national park with stunning desert scenary, wildlife and ancient emerald Roman towns.



Shelatin is a trading centre, 260km south of Marsa Alam. Located between Marsa Alam and the Sudan, it was until recently closed to any form of tourism. Therefore, one now has the unique opportunity to explore the area, as one of the the first visitors. Being one of the most important trading centres in southern Egypt, Shelatin comprises a mixture of various ethnic groups. True Africa, begins here. Camels arrive from the Sudan, bringing special handmade crafts, which are traded for goods, otherwise not available in their own country. Everywhere, one can see the purple “kalabeias” of the Rashaid, a wealthy tribe through the camel trade. The Bishari and Ababda, are ethnic groups from the Sudan. Whips and curved daggers are worn as symbols of status. There are otherwise numerous small stalls, selling seemingly everything available. Here, one experiences Arabic culture in it’s purest form!

Accommodation & Facilities

Each individually decorated chalet is built using natural building materials in Nubian style with much attention spend on details.

Each of these chalets is unique with an individual floor plan and varying stylish elements and colours influence the very tastefully decorated rooms.Also there is an unrestricted and breathtaking view of the sea from the terrace of every chalet!

All chalets consist of a main room, a spacious bathroom with shower (except for Chalet 23 "the red one", which has a bath with a splendid view of the sea) and toilet, water heated by solar power and several 220 volt plugs.



The rooms are kept cool due to the natural building style of the Nubians. Ceiling fans and air condition have also been installed to supply additional cool air during warmer nights. A mini bar is also supplied in all chalets.

There is no animation, no television, radios or telephones (except for emergencies) to intrude on the relaxing atmosphere at the Oasis.

A large pool with a breathtaking view of the Red Sea in one of the hotel many features. Sun loungers with large sun shades offer shady spots for relaxation.

Apart from massages further special relaxation programs as well as reflexology are offered. These treatments take place behind the palm grove.



The area around Marsa Alam is rated as one of the best diving areas in the world and as one of the few diving areas in the Red Sea that's not overrun.

There is something here for everyone, gently sloping dives from the beach, trips by car to more remote bays or trips by boat to legendary reefs such as Elphinstone, Abu Dabbab and Samadai Reef (Dolphin House).

The walls of the famous Elphinstone reefs (deep sea white tipped sharks), the lush soft corals that grow down into the blue, decorated with sponges, gorgonian fans and farns, cast their spell over everyone. Abu Dabbab (Swim through's and caves) and Samadai Reef (large schools of dolphins) are further highlights.

House Reef

Directly in front of the diving centre there is a wonderful house reef (border reef). Here are super conditions for beach dives, night dives and open water dives during courses. Dives are made from the jetty which is built out over the edge of the reef. The sea is about 12 m deep here. The reef slopes slowly down before dropping off sharply into the blue! The reef can be dived to the north or to the south.

Along with some very pretty hard and soft corals there are also large numbers of typical Red Sea fish. A real highlight are the large pelagic fish travelling along the "aquatic road” in north/south direction. Along with manta rays, turtles and dolphins, more and more dugongs have been sighted.

On few days in the year with strong wind the rough swell can make the access to the reef more difficult or even occasionally impossible.

Diving Trips

Most of the diving trips take place by car. We offer trips daily in both the morning and the afternoon, each including one dive. The travelling time is between 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the diving site. For more distant reefs 2 tank dives are offered. In addition, boat dives are offered regularly to the various super reefs such as Elphinstone, Abu Dabbab and Samadai Reef. In all, we offer a selection from about 30 different diving spots which guarantees a diversity of dives.

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